How To Add IDM Extension In Chrome In Windows 10 Manually?

Do you have any issues using the IDM extension in Google chrome? If you are a chrome browser user, you can use the Internet Download Manager as an extension of Chrome for downloading any files. But you need to enable the IDM extension properly when you want to use it in your Chrome browser.

Many people told me that this extension does not work correctly in Chrome after installing it. So, if you know the process of how to add idm extension in chrome manually, you will not face this problem. You can follow this guideline if you don’t know how to use the IDM extension on Google Chrome.

How to Add IDM Extension In Chrome in Windows 10?

Internet Download Manager is now a leading download managing tool. For a Windows 10 computer, it is the best software to manage your video and scheduled downloads. But many users complain their IDM is not working correctly or not grabbing download links from the Chrome browser.

So, when this type of trouble appears, users have only one way, and it is to add IDM to Chrome manually. Usually, after installing the IDM integration module on a PC, Google Chrome automatically takes this tool as its extension. But certain seasons can hamper the process. Before doing that, you need to register this software. I always suggest buying the license but you can also follow our guide to use crack for Internet download manager.

how to add idm extension in chrome

How the IDM extension works?

Many users want to know that how the IDM extension works in Google Chrome. IDM and Google Chrome offer some exciting features to users. As an example, when you start downloading anything on the Google Chrome browser, the IDM extension will grab the link from the page and start downloading.

We know that IDM software separates the download into some parts and makes the process easier. So, most of the time, you need not add IDM extension manually to Google Chrome. But if you face any problem, then you can follow the manual method of how to add IDM extension in Windows 10.

How to Add IDM Extension in Google Chrome

By following a step-by-step guide, you can easily add IDM to the Chrome browser manually on Windows 10. It is not only the process of how to add IDM to Chrome but also the solution to some other problems of IDM in the Chrome browser. So, properly follow the steps.

Step 1: It is better to download the updated version of IDM. If you have an older version, you should update this version to the latest one. For this, go to the “IDM Window Menu”. Then go to the “IDM Help” option and click on “Check for updates.”

Step 2: Then go to the C program files and open ‘C: Program Files (x86)Internet Download Manager on your PC. For this, copy this part and then paste it in the address bar of Windows Explorer.

Step 3: Now go to the Chrome browser and open the extensions option. Then drag “IDMGCExt.crx” or the file named “IDMGCExt” from the C program file and put it to the “Drop to install” field on Google Chrome Extensions.

Step 4: Thus, the installation process will complete automatically. Just configure it rightly to use it. For this, click on ‘Allow in Incognito.’ Then tap the Enable button to configure IDM properly.

The problems can occur with the IDM extension in Google Chrome. You can face several issues in Chrome. Now let’s see which type of problems can appear. You may face that though you have installed IDM on your PC, it is not working with the Chrome browser. It is not working to download anything from the Chrome browser.

When you upgrade your IDM or Google Chrome, This software can stop working. Besides, It will not work when you do not find the IDM Integration module in the list of the Chrome extension. Moreover, some pop-up or messages such as “Suspicious extensions disabled” or “Not from Google Chrome Web Store” etc. may be responsible for disabling IDM extension from Google Chrome.

idm integration module chrome web store

Steps to Do When IDM on Chrome Stops Working:

When your IDM stops working on the Chrome browser, some steps are necessary to solve this problem. At first, you should uninstall the older version of IDM that exists on your computer. Note that, you can get on the IDM integration module chrome web store. Then follow the tips.

  • Download the updated version of IDM.
  • Then go to the Chrome browser. Open the extensions window.
  • Now you should follow the guideline I have discussed above to install the newer version of Internet Download Manager.

Thus most of the unexpected issues will be fixed quickly.


Now you know the easiest way of how to add IDM extension in chrome browser in Windows 10. Besides, when your existing IDM stops working, you can solve this problem. Internet Download Manager is the most powerful download manager. So, if you use it in your Chrome browser as an extension, you will enjoy the best download experience. So, try IDM to your Google Chrome Browser.

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